Our Mission

We train, educate, and develop recreational and competitive athletes utilizing the latest research in sports science and exercise physiology by implementing individual training plans with the support of a team atmosphere.


MEA training is based on sports science and implements research findings from sports physiology, biomechanics, psychology, methods of training and pedagogy. 

  • We guide individual development and improvement with well-structured, customized training programs for each athlete.

  • MEA training involves a creative and dynamic balance of activities supporting the individual athlete as a whole person.

  • Complex goals are realized through the step-by-step process of the daily training plan. 

  • MEA carefully plans (with safety in mind) activities with balanced intensity and volume, while providing individual attention to each athlete and their respective training history.

  • Reciprocating exchange between coach & athlete enables continual improvement at all levels.

  • Team atmosphere strengthens both physical and social skills.