frequently asked questions

How is the Montana Endurance Academy program different than other sport programs in the area?

Our program is different in several ways:

  1. Dragan and Lina have over 40 years of experience in training Nordic endurance athletes, hold Master Degrees in Sports Physiology and have successfully led safe, fun and high achieving programs.

  2. We focus exclusively on Nordic skiing and endurance sports.

  3. MEA’s more efficient organizational structure offers less costly and more affordable programs, race event travel, and camp participation fees.

  4. Sunday is off to spend time with friends and family, catch up on schoolwork, and recover for the week ahead.

  5. While we train youth, postgraduate, and master skiers to achieve their race season goals, our program also welcomes all athletes who would like to develop their fitness and skiing skills regardless of their racing aspirations.

  6. Individualized training plans are developed for each athlete to meet their fitness or skiing goals. Monthly progress review meetings, help keep the athlete motivated and aligned with their goals.

  7. Montana Endurance Academy’s focus on the individual athlete in a smaller team environment leads to greater focus on meeting the individual’s needs while developing a close-knit team of athletes.

Will MEA travel to Intermountain Division Nordic Ski races?

We will provide safe and affordable team travel with coaches and wax technicians to each of the three events. In addition, we will provide transportation to local area races some of which may include the Moose Chase in Jackson, Wy; West Yellowstone Rendezvous ski race, and others.

Does MEA follow SafeSport guidelines?

Our coaches are trained and certified in SafeSport practices and follow the SafeSport guidelines during all MEA activities.

Will MEA provide travel to practices after school?

At this time, we will not provide travel to practice from school, we will be encouraging carpooling and can help facilitate communication. 

Are parents welcome to attend races?

Parents are encouraged to travel and attend races.

Why was Montana Endurance Academy started?

We saw a need in the community for a focused, Nordic and endurance athlete program that was directed by coaches trained and educated in Sports Physiology to help the youth to master athlete develop in a mindful and holistic way. Dragan and Lina’s enthusiasm for coaching and ability to utilize their education and experience to help people reach their athletic goals is their mission in life.